Same photo downloads differently from iPhone X and iPhone 7

Terry Thompson 4 months ago updated by Juan Luis 3 months ago 3

Our daughter sends my wife (iPhone X) and me (iPhone 7) both copies of photos and videos.  Videos downloaded from both phones are identical so I can weed out duplicates with a program.  But photos download differently from her and my phones.  So I have to manually remove duplicates.  I know the photos are identical because if I hardwired download them I get identical files.  Also odd, neither my wife's or my downloaded photos are identical to the hardwired download file.  But video files are identical regardless of which phone or download method I use.

I'd much rather use the app to download photos but manually removing duplicates is too much work.


Support found the solution, first try.  You can't give a support group any higher praise.  My only regret is that I didn't ask for help long ago.  I blame it on too much IT Crowd type support over the years.  (If you haven't watched the series, you need to.)

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Hi Terry,

So sorry for the late reply. Could you please check if you and your wife have the same settings on the app? Open the app on both devices and touch the Settings button (the little gear icon on the top left corner of the screen). Options that can transform your photos are: 'Convert HEIC to JPG', 'Use original versions'

I hope it helps, and again, my apologies to not answer you before.

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Thank you Juan, it was the 'Convert HEIC to JPG' setting that was different between our phones.  The pictures download the same from both phones now.  We'd checked every phone setting several times but obviously hadn't checked that setting inside the app.


Hi Terry,

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