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Why did I have to purchase this app... again?

Catchyusername 2 months ago updated by Andrew Chee 2 months ago 4

I purchased this app several years ago. I recently updated the app, and now the app informs me I’m using the free version, and made me pay a second time to have the functionality I already bought. What’s going on?

Under review


Thanks for contacting us and sorry you are having issues with the app!

We are investigating this, it seems like our latest update is not recognizing purchases made prior to 2016 when we switched our app from paid to in-app-purchases. We have identified the issue and we are preparing an update to fix this as soon as possible. The update should be available hopefully tomorrow or Sunday (Apple takes a day or two to approve app updates).

Sorry again for the trouble and thanks for your patience!! 

Kind regards,

Photo Transfer App Team

I’m having the same issue even after the latest update (v 7.3.1). 


Hi Andrew. This issue has been finally fixed now in our latest update 7.3.3. Please update the app in your device and let us know if you run into any other issue. Sorry for this problem and thanks for your patience!

hi Enrique. Yes I’ve updated it and all is fine. Thanks to everyone there for the quick fix. Much appreciated.