Under review

Hi there.

Sorry you are having problems. Are you using the same device where you originally purchased the app from? Or is it a different device? Also, are you on iPhone or Android? Let me know a few more details and I will be happy to help!

I was using the same device I originally downloaded and later upgraded the app. The download and upgrade happened within half hour. I downloaded the app on my pc first, then downloaded for my iphone. I tried to transfer more than 100 pictures at a time and it said I need to upgrade. I did the upgrade and then did the restore purchase, but the app on my pc still said that I need to upgrade when I want to transfer 400 pictures each time. It does let me transfer 200 pictures after I restored purchase, but still not let me go higher. Is 200 the most number of pictures one can show on a page and transfer to pc?

In the Settings view of our desktop app you can change it to 400 if you need. Also, please make sure you update to the latest version of our iOS app (v7.3.3) which includes a few bug fixes.

I upgraded today to pro on my iPhone and pc app as well and same issue on pc side - upgraded version required. 

Hi everyone. This issue has been finally fixed now in our latest update 7.3.3. Please update the app in your device and let us know if you run into any other issue. Sorry for this problem and thanks for your patience!