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How to transfer using usb

Donald McCaffrey 4 months ago updated by Enrique 4 days ago 2

I've spent hours on several occasions trying to transfer my  photos from my iphone to my Windows desk top.  I see the same questions, above, wasn't even answered.  I even signed up for a subscription today, but didn't see any changes.  I've tried using your help pages online but those instructions didn't work either.  Either email your phone number to me so I can talk to someone directly or cancel my subscription.

Under review

Hello Beverly,

Thanks for contacting us and sorry you are having issues with the app!

Transferring over USB between iPhone and Windows over USB should work with our app. The only requirement is to have iTunes installed on the WIndows machine as it needs some libraries that are only provided by iTunes (iTunes does not need to be open when trying to transfer via our app). If the connection is not detected via USB please open the Settings screen on our Windows app and tell me what it says under "USB Tunnel".

I hope this helps! Please let me know if you have other questions or comments.

Kind regards